Conference Announcement: University of Liverpool – Academic Workshop on Accident Tolerant Fuels 🗓 🗺

The following event is not organised by the BWR Hub and Network but may be of interest to to our readers. Here is the announcement of the event provided by the University of Liverpool:

Academic Workshop on Accident Tolerant Fuels (ATF)

30th Aug. – 1st Sept. 2017

This workshop focuses on the basis and concepts for Accident tolerant fuels (ATF). Accident tolerant fuels have been a strong focus for development since the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident in Japan, with activity focusing on better understanding nuclear reactor materials under accidents, which are outside standard parameters, leading to the development of so-called accident tolerant fuels. This workshop will provide an opportunity, and overview, of the concepts relevant to accident tolerant fuels, based on the material requirements.

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