Funding Opportunities

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility StudyThe BWR Hub is able to offer funding to academics through a number small scale feasibility.studies.

The BWR Hub feasibility studies aim to encourage research into novel aspects of Boiling Water Reactor technology. By funding feasibility projects we are hoping to encourage ambitious projects. Successful applicants should use the projects to allow proof-of-concept research studies or to develop simple prototypes and technology demonstrators

Our aim is that the project outcomes  can be used to improve chances of securing follow-on funding and consequently as a launch pad to greater things.

Key Points:

  • The work should be into novel aspects of Boiling Water Reactor Research.
  • Projects should be about 3 months in duration.
  • A maximum of £5,000 funding is available per project.
  • Funds are aimed towards encouraging BWR research in UK institutions.

In order to allow you to identify key BWR research areas, to help in your application, see our list of BWR Research needs.

Applying for funding:

If you think you have a potential research project, please complete the application form and return it to