Visit Report: Engineering Wales Conference, Cardiff 2017

The Engineering Wales Conference was held by the Engineering Research Network Wales in Cardiff on October 18th.  The workshop consisted of various workshops and plenary talks including a talk from Peter Jolley, the Chief Engineer from Aston Martin and Ton Fijen the Technical Director of Tidal Lagoon Power. There were also short talks on the best way to connect business to academic research and upcoming funding opportunities that might be useful to both the business and academic attendees of the conference.

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Visit Report: Hitachi-GE ABWR Seminar, 17th-18th October, Birmingham

The 7th seminar of the Hitachi-GE academic technical seminar series, which started in 2013, was held in Birmingham on October 17th and 18th 2017. The conference began with an introduction to the seminar which included a brief explanation of the BWR Hub and its activities. This was followed by a plenary talk by Dame Sue Ion on the Future of UK Nuclear, which gave a positive summary of the current UK position on Nuclear Energy. The second plenary talk was given by Dr Mike Weightman who gave an interesting talk on the lessons learned from Fukushima, which was followed by an update on the Wylfa Newydd Project.

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Visit Report: Nuclear Academics Meeting 2017

The UK Nuclear Academics Meeting was held in Lancaster on the 4th and 5th of September 2017. The meeting was an opportunity for the Nuclear Academics across the UK to come together and discuss recent developments across the Nuclear Community. The talks were broken down with a Nuclear Research Consortia session and two Panel Sessions on Policy and Implementation on the first day and an International Programme Session, followed by a UK National Programme Session and Education and Training Updates on the second day.

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Seminar: Hitachi ABWR Seminar, Birmingham University 🗓 🗺

Hitachi GE Logo

The University of Birmingham will host the latest in the Hitachi ABWR seminar series, on the 17th and 18th of October 2017.

There are talks from Prof Same Sue Ion (former Chair of NIRAB among other leading positions) and Dr Mike Weightman (former ONR Chief Inspector and prepared the UK’s response to Fukushima). Dr Ming Ang will represent Horizon Nuclear Power, and will give a summary and update of the Wylfa Newydd project. There will also be experts from Hitachi speaking on a number of topics such as Core andFuel Design, Safety Analysis and Modelling and RadWaste issues.

Registration is free – please register here.

Engineering Wales Conference 🗓 🗺

This event is not organised by the BWR Hub and Network however it may be of interest to our readers:

Engineering Research Network Wales

The National Research Network (NRN) in Advanced Engineering and Materials (AEM) is launching a major Engineering event for Wales – the Engineering Wales Conference on October 18th 2017 in Swansea.

The event, sponsored by the NRN AEM with funding from the Welsh Government and the Higher Education Council for Wales (HEFCW); this event will bring together researchers, students and industrialists alike to celebrate the excellence in applied science and technology that is present in Wales.

The BWR Hub will be hosting a Workshop titled ‘Showcasing the BWR Hub and Network’ where we will be discussing possible research ideas and the funding opportunities that we are currently offering.


For more information, please go to the Engineering Wales Conference Website.

Memorandum of Understanding between Bangor University, Imperial College London and Hitachi-GE.

Professor John G. Hughes (Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University), Kumiaki Moryia (Corporate Chief Engineer at Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd.), Dr Michael Bluck, (Director of the Centre for Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College London).

Bangor University, Imperial College London and Hitachi-GE signed a memorandum of understanding on October 26th 2016 with the aim of building on a previously signed memorandum between Imperial and Bangor. This new memorandum highlighted the role of Hitachi-GE within the BWR Research Hub and Network who will make a reasonable effort to provide effective guidance, provide access to a number of its leading technical experts who will draw on Hitachi-GE’s amassed corporate understanding of BWR systems and associated technical matters, with the overall aim of the hub to advance cooperation and provide a structured forum for interaction. » Read more