Steering Group Organisational Terms of Reference

1. Purpose:

To enable the academic and industrial communities of Wales and the wider UK to deepen and enhance their understanding of BWR technology, and participate in research and development relating to this and future generations of BWRs.

2. Objectives:

  • To create and develop a nuclear research capacity in Wales to both maximise legacy benefits from current BWR technologies and contribute to and take advantage of future Gen IV+ technologies.
  • To promote a rounded, publically-accessible education in current and future BWR technologies, while leaving specific technical training to more appropriate commercial or research bodies.
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer of BWR technology from Japan to Wales and the wider UK.
  • To develop a deeper and broader pool of independent expertise on BWR technology across Wales and the wider UK.
  • To enhance collaboration between Wales and the wider UK and Japan in relation to BWR technology.

3. Structure:

  • The network will be operated jointly by the Imperial College Centre for Nuclear Engineering and Bangor University.
  • The network will engage all interested parties, including industry in the UK and Japan, Governments (UK, Welsh and Japanese), the EPSRC, universities in the UK and Japan and other institutions conducting relevant research, such as NNL. A key principle of the BWR Research Network is that it will be inclusive.
  • To secure stakeholder trust, the BWR Network must remain neutral, independent and transparent.

4. Activities:

  • Identify research requirements for current and next generation BWR technology through dialogue with industry and provide a mechanism to deliver NIRAB research recommendations in the field of BWR research.
  • Facilitate the development of, and add value to, high quality research proposals from university and other research groups through workshops and conferences.
  • Foster links with Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) to support research and training in BWR technology.
  • Provision of expert advice on BWR research and technology to governmental organisations and other public bodies.
  • Providing an authoritative but independent voice on BWR technologies for schools, the general public and others with the capability to provide seminars, lecture courses and authoritative information.
  • Support and facilitate opportunities for universities and institutions to provide staff and student (e.g. CDT) internships between Japan and the UK.

5. Organisation:

5.1 Steering Group:

The Steering Group will oversee the establishment of the BWR Research Network and monitor its operation, management and effectiveness.  The Membership of the Steering Group will be drawn from the founding partners (Imperial College and Bangor University); BWR technical partners Hitachi and Horizon and supply chain partners such as Amec-FW, the Welsh Government, the UK Government;  and other interested parties; in particular the EPSRC and the National Nuclear Laboratory.  The Steering Group will be chaired by a senior figure from nuclear academia or industry.

The first meeting of the Steering Group will be face-to-face. Thereafter, meetings will be held by teleconference or face- to- face as appropriate.

5.2 The Research Forum

The Research Forum will invite, assess and help develop research proposals to be sent to funding bodies.  The Chair of the Research Forum will be chosen by the Steering Group.  The Membership will be experts from industry, academia and government bodies and will also be chosen by the Steering Group.

Meetings of the research forum will be held after e-mail despatch of the proposals, feedback by e-mail, and then by teleconference. 

6. Secretariat and Director:

The Secretariat will be provided by the founding partners. The Secretariat will be responsible for preparing and circulating the papers for the meetings of the Steering Group and the Research Committee, minute taking for the meetings and correspondence with the applicants.

The Secretariat will also be responsible for the organisation of conferences, publicity and outreach materials, as directed by the Director of the network, in consultation with the Chairs of the Steering Group and the Research forum

The Director will be someone with wide experience of the research funding scene in the UK, and will be familiar with the nuclear industry