Visit Report: Hitachi-GE ABWR Seminar, 17th-18th October, Birmingham

The 7th seminar of the Hitachi-GE academic technical seminar series, which started in 2013, was held in Birmingham on October 17th and 18th 2017. The conference began with an introduction to the seminar which included a brief explanation of the BWR Hub and its activities. This was followed by a plenary talk by Dame Sue Ion on the Future of UK Nuclear, which gave a positive summary of the current UK position on Nuclear Energy. The second plenary talk was given by Dr Mike Weightman who gave an interesting talk on the lessons learned from Fukushima, which was followed by an update on the Wylfa Newydd Project.

The second day of the conference involved more technical talks from Hitachi-GE, including information on Safety Analysis and Modelling, Core and Fuel Design, Rad Waste Design and an overview of the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor.