Trip Report: Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Internships to Japan 2017

The three students in front of the British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

Three students from UK joined Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd (HGNE) over the summer for a 2.5 months internship at Hitachi-works, Hitachi City, Japan. The three interns were a BSc student, MSc student and a PhD student from the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol and Imperial all studying nuclear engineering related courses.

The internships were performed in different engineering departments with topics ranging from nuclear reactor safety analysis, nuclear steam supply system and decommissioning. It was a fantastic opportunity for the interns to work in team with Japanese engineers and learn the development of the UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (UK ABWR) design. HGNE has just submitted the final version of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) and is now waiting final decision from UK Regulators to build 2 ABWRs in the Wylfa site, Wales. Along with learning from HGNE engineers and participating in day-to-day meetings, the interns visited the Rinkai Factory where several parts of the ABWR reactor are manufactured and tested and also visited two nuclear power plants. Two interns visited the Shimane-3 nuclear power plant, while another intern visited the JAEA Oarai site along with JOYO, a Fast Breeder Reactor.

The students had the fortunate opportunity to give a presentation to the HGNE President and Representative Director Tadashi Kume in the Akihabara office in Tokyo. They also had the chance to visit the British Embassy in Tokyo and meet the First Secretary of Nuclear and Head, Science and Innovation Sections. Last but not least the three interns experienced and enjoyed Japan and its fascinating culture and beautiful landscapes and cities.

The students were all very pleased with how the internship was organised and they would definitely recommend this experience to their peers!