Visit Report: The Advanced Boiling Water Reactor Seminar, University of Cambridge, 22-23rd March 2017

The 6th seminar of the Hitachi-GE academic technical seminar series, which started in 2013, was held in Cambridge, Department of engineering on 22-23rd of March 2017.

Approximately 100 people registered for this successful event, both from industry and academia. The seminar covered several aspects related to the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) technology, from general presentation on the ABWR design, to more specific technical presentations related to thermal hydraulics and severe accident analysis. A more business oriented presentation focused on the status of the Wylfa project and on future plans for the Hitachi-GE ABWR design in UK. One of the subjects added to the present seminar compared with earlier meetings in the series, was the use of MOX fuel in the ABWR design.

Each talk was followed by intense Q&A sessions in an informal atmosphere that enabled both students and experts interact with the speakers. Networking was one of the main goals of the event and this took place over lunch, at the coffee breaks and at the drinks reception organised as part of the meeting.