Research Needs of Boiling Water Reactors Conference October 2016 🗓

Research Needs of Boiling Water Reactors Conference October 2016The first UK conference on the “Research Needs of Boiling Water Reactors” was held in Bangor between October 24-26th 2016. It was organised by Imperial College & Bangor University in collaboration with Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd. 

Sixty delegates from UK industry, Universities and Government participated and made the meeting a great success. The conference began with the signing of a 3 way Memorandum of Understanding between Hitachi, Imperial College and Bangor University before the technical programme began in earnest on the afternoon of the 25th October 2016 with a presentation by Chief Engineer Kumiaki Moriya from Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd. This gave an overview of the research needs for the next generation of boiling water reactors. A further  presentation by Hitachi-GE’s allowed the audience to become familiar with the requirements of core and fuel designs in BWRs. The day then concluded with an informative talk given by Horizon Nuclear Power on their Wylfa Newydd project planned for the nearby Isle of Anglesey.

The second day started with an enlightening series of talks outlining research needs for the higher performance cores, fuel and thermal hydraulics being developed by GE-Hitachi.

Photo of Hitachi Interns

The students who did three month internships with Hitachi during 2016 get ready to enjoy their conference dinner. From left to right: Matthew Jackson (Imperial), Dimitri Pletser (Imperial), Debbie Jones (Manchester) and Ilan Davies (Bangor).

A highlight of the second day were the presentations given by Ilan Davies, Debbie Jones and Matthew Jackson who had been hosted by Hitachi in Japan for three month internships. The enthusiasm of all three students, for the work they did and the Japanese hospitality they experienced, shone through.

The afternoon of the second day adopted a workshop format. The attendees formed two break out groups to discuss the research needs in these major areas (click the links to get a summary of each group’s discussions):

The day concluded with the conference meal. The final day detailed funding opportunities available for BWR research in the UK.

Agenda and Presentations

The meeting agenda is given below. Where possible, relevant presentation slides have been linked to agenda items.

25th October

26th October

Workshop Break Out Sessions

27th October

  • Presentation on EPSRC Funding (K. Bowman and L. Anderson)
  • KESS Funding (S. Hope)
  • BWR Research Hub and Forum & Feasibility Projects (N. Waterman)


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